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Giving Back: Who will the 2013 Columbus Cottage Recipient be?

Guest Blogger: Kristin Hutchins


It is still a BIG secret but the recipient of the 2013 Columbus Cottage has been selected. We plan to keep you guessing all week. So, follow along with us!

This will be the 5th recipient for the NeighborWorks Columbus Cottage Campaign and this recipient is thrilled beyond belief. We had a great opportunity to interview this recipient and we look forward to sharing that interview with you very soon. 

We also had the pleasure of interviewing all four of the past recipients this week and enjoyed this tremendously. Each are so different but also very similar in many ways. I left each interview feeling great to have met them all. I feel good inside just knowing that each of these people were given the chance to be involved in this wonderful program. 

Ms. Smith

give back


 Ms. Smith was the very first Columbus Cottage recipient and you can see  by speaking with her just how thankful she is. She is proud of her home  to  this very day. She even asked us to take a tour and see it all.  Ms.  Smith was a minister at a Methodist church here in  Columbus, Georgia  for many years. It was very interesting to  find out that Ms. Smith and  Ms. Hubbard, the second recipient, are great friends and visit each other often. I was glad to hear these two great woman are keeping each other company.

Ms. Hubbard

give back Ms. Hubbard was the 2nd recipient to receive a new home. She is a precious christian woman who shared with us several stories about her amazing life. You can actually find Ms. Hubbard in Uptown ministering on the weekends. Her smile will  light up your day. She talked with us about her four children and her grandchildren. 

Mr. Hubanks

give back Mr. Hubanks was the third recipient to receive a home. He is a very layed back sweet man. He had a friend over at the time of our interview, and his friend said that Mr. Hubanks is the greatest friend in the world. He has one big dog and one small dog...I think the small dog would have eaten me as a snack if he was not on a leash at the time. I told Mr. Hubanks that he is well protected and he said that he never has to worry with his guard dog around. :)

Mr. Walker

give back Mr. Walker was the fourth recipient to receive a home. An interesting fact that I learned from Mr. Walker is  that he has seven children and one of his kids has 23 children. WOW! That is a big loving family. He had lots of pictures of his family in his home and I enjoyed being able to see them all. Mr. Walker is from Columbus and moved to Buffalo, New York for many years and his  family still resides in New York. When we asked why he came back to  Columbus he replied, "Because this is home." I love his answer!!

Something they each share in common is that they are so thankful to be in there new home instead of the home they previously lived in. They have been given the chance of a new home and to stay where all of there memories have been made over many years. Each of these recipients have been blessed with a wonderful gift but I also feel blessed for being given the chance to meet each of them.

We will keep you guessing up until that very last moment this Friday, October 19th. On Friday, the recipient will be announced at a press conference at the NeighborWorks Columbus office at 11:30. We will stream this LIVE for everyone to see. You can go to the NeighborWorks Columbus Facebook page and click on the link to watch. We will also make a second announcement at the

                                                               WHO WILL IT BE?give back                                                             CLICK TO REGISTER!

Uptown concert. Make sure to register to receive a VIP Announcement Notice and also to win a free kindle fire. We will make the announcement of the kindle fire winner at the concert. You do not have to be present to collect but we would love to meet you and have you join in on the fun.

NeighborWorks Columbus does a lot to give back to our community and we are so glad you are going to be with us on this journey. Good luck and we look forward to sharing the great news with each of you on Friday!



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