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Giving Back: What Do You Do When It Is All Gone?

 Guest Blogger: Kristin Hutchins

give back

A lot of progress has occured on Mr. Jones's home since Monday's demolition. His old home is completely gone and ready for a new beginning.


A cute Dr. Seuss quote comes to mind when I think of Monday's demolition...Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. This is so true for Mr. Jones and his bright future. We are so happy for him.


Now that the demolition is behind us we encourage businesses to give back to the community. Between now and the spring NeighborWorks Columbus will be steadily building the new home for Mr. Jones. This would not happen if it was not for the great companies that are in touch with the importance of community building. 


maximum impact

How can large companies help?

By directly supporting worthy, smaller nonprofits at the local level. These philanthropies are on the ground and engrained in a community. They truly understand a communities needs and social challenges. They know how to make a difference in a neighborhood, a school and the environment.


How can small companies help?

Many small and mid-sized business owners realize that creating a cooperative effort with popular charities, churches, or other nonprofits increases consumer good will, brand awareness, and company image. All of these benefits translate into better competitive positioning, increased sales, and free advertising. Plus, your company supports a worthy cause.


This is such an exciting time for NeighborWorks Columbus' Cottage Program. We very much appreciate the support we receive from our business partners and love sharing in this experience as well. This is an experience of a lifetime!

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