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Maximum Impact: GA Gives Day is Thursday!

give backOn Thursday, December 6, 2012, hundreds of non profits will be participating in the GA Gives Day event. These events have become popular over the last year because they allow everyone to work together for a common cause to reach their individual goals. This is something that I know alot about and can truly appreciate. 

I read a recent article in the Albany Herald about GA Gives Day that I thought was especially insightful.  The article starts:

"For most people, life without nonprofit agencies would be difficult at best...."

Although I work for a non-profit and with other non-profits, I had never stopped to ponder a world without non-profits. The phrase seemed to haunt me for the rest of the day. Have you ever stopped to consider what your community would look like without the non-profits that exist there. I am certain that if you don't benefit from a non-profit you certainly know someone who does. Non-profits serve all demographics, all income levels, races, and probably ALL needs.

Our local symphony and arts programs benefit from the generous giving of our community and has no limit to those they serve.  Our local Goodwill serves the disabled, the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised. They also serve the bargain hunter, the citizen who needs to make room for more stuff, and the city because items they take and repurpose don't go into our landfills.

The local food banks make sure that individuals don't go hungry and the many shelters make sure that those that want it have a roof over their heads or just a warm blanket when they want it.

The article went on to say, 

"We don't think about it much," Beavor said, "but our water, the bike paths, hospitals, hospices, farmers markets, pet adoption, research centers ... so many of the things that enhance our lives are nonprofit organizations."

In just a few minutes I realized that this list could be much longer without much effort. Georgia Gives Day is an opportunity for you to say "thank you" to those organizations who have served your community and made your life much richer.  

Our GA Gives Day was modeled after the success of similar programs in Minnesota and Seattle. It is designed to make it easy to give to your favorite non profit quickly and easily. All it takes is a couple clicks on the GA Gives Day site and the donor can find the 501(c)(3) nonprofits in a designated area that are participating. All donations go straight to your cause. The minimum donation is $5....that's barely the cost of a cup of designer coffee these days.

ga gives day make a differenceHowever, all of these great efforts will go unnoticed and unrewarded (via your donation) so here is a check list of the things that you can do to help and support your favorite non-profits here in the Columbus and the Valley area:

1. Like your organization on your social media favorites. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)

2. Donate to your organization and then post an update about the donation and why you donated through your social media.

3. Post a "Thank You" note in the conversation stream of your organization on any Social Media tool.

4. Donate!  Let's face it...almost all of us can donate $5 and if you can't, know that you are the individuals we hope to serve so help to educate your friends and peers who can.

5. Blog about your favorite non-profit and link to their GA Gives page.

Today, there is the hope of a maximum impact day as GA gives on December 6th. Help turn that hope into a reality.  Need some more evidence?  Read this case study on a similar day from last year.

Need more?  Check out the 2011 Online Giving Report from Blackbaud for data. Althoughdonate to neighborworks on ga give day online fund raising is still a small part of the overall amounts given to non-profits it is the fastest growing area.  Giving days mobilize giving and generally produce a larger donation amount than can be achieved independently by a single non-profit. Secondly, they create great opportunities to not only build relationships with the donors but also with other non-profits. Finally, the singular focus of something like Ga Give Day increases awareness of all of the organizations involved and their programs and services.

GA Gives Day really is an opportunity to be a part of something big that will only happen one day this year.  So let us encourage you to participate. 



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