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The Importance of a Home

Guest Blogger: Kristin Hutchins

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How often we forget just how much a home means to us physically as well as emotionally. Home represents security and safety for most people. Our home is a “sacred,” mythic place. We all believe in a special space beyond our own doorsills that simply cannot be violated. This is my place, where I can close the door on chaos and find some kind of cosmos, peace, assurance of purpose. The meaning of home, of a protected refuge, is very often connected with comfort, relationships, family, relatives, friends and the traditional rituals that give meaning to our lives. 


I came across a really sad story today while doing my reading for this blog. It is about a lady that walked into a bank in Madrid and set herself on fire. Authorities are not 100% sure why she did this yet but are aware of the many banks that are being blamed for a wave of mortgage foreclosures right now.



It is always disheartening when I hear sad stories of any individual or individuals in desperate search of foreclosure solutions. This is such a devastating story about the depth of dispare when losing a home. It is important to spread stories like this one in order to help those that are in danger and need our help. The focus needs to be on community building and not on community distruction. This is a short news article but it really grabbed my heart today. 


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We are so thankful for organizations that give back like NeigborWorks Columbus. If you or someone you know is in need of foreclosure solutions please contact NeighborWorks Columbus. They are having a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop on March 19th from 6-8 pm. You can find out more information and register with us by filling out our form. We want to help everyone in need!

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