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Maximum Impact: How NeighborWorks Columbus uses online donations

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by Holli Melancon

We have known for a while that we live in a community of generous people, but thanks to a recent survey we have proof.

Recently, the Ledger-Enquirer published an article that said Columbus ranks 200 in the list of America’s most generous cities when it comes to online giving.

As we progress with work on Columbus Cottage No. 7, there is no doubt in our minds how giving this community truly is. Without the support of our donors, the Cottage Program, which provides housing for elderly living in substandard conditions, simply would not be possible.

With the Cottage Program, the home is torn down and rebuilt on the very property where the recipient has been residing. That way, they have a new, safe home to live in, but don’t have to move from the neighborhood they know and love.

It truly takes a village to make this program happen, and luckily, we have the support of our local government, foundations, businesses, and of course, kind-hearted people willing to give.

In light of this survey, we thought it would be worthwhile to talk about how we put donations to use in our Cottage Program.

With donations, we purchase alarm systems, household appliances, bath accessories, cabinets, tile, closet shelves, framing, hardware and locks, HVAC, insulation, interior hardware and trim, kitchen equipment, light fixtures, mirrors, nails and screws, paint, plumbing supplies, roofing, sheetrock, shingles, slab, vinyl floors, wall coverings and framing, windows, and doors.

We are also able to pay for services, like electricity, landscaping, masonry, plumbing, and roofing, just to name a few.

The actual cottages are built with the help of contractors, our certified employees, and volunteers. Without the supplies, there would be no house to build, and we are forever grateful for the support of this community.

Our next home, which is being renovated in conjunction with House of Heroes, belongs to 83-year-old Mrs. Edna Reeves. We are glad our community cares about its elderly and joins us in building lives, one home at a time.  Visit our secure online giving portal at  https://co.clickandpledge.com/sp/d1/default.aspx?wid=60644

To learn more at  about the House of Heroes collaboration and Columbus Cottage No. 7, visit these helpful links:

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About the Columbus Cottage Program

The Columbus Cottage Program is a public/private partnership made possible with philanthropic support from local foundations, organizations and community support. Started in 2008, NeighborWorks® Columbus, Columbus Consolidated Government and local community leaders, sought to eliminate substandard housing for impoverished elderly citizens. Since then, several cottages have been built for well deserving seniors.

About NeighborWorks Columbus

NeighborWorks® Columbus’, a community-based 501c (3) nonprofit organization, mission is to provide access to fit and affordable housing for all citizens of low to moderate income. “We are very pleased that this contribution will allow us to continue to provide education and foreclosure prevention services to a number of families in Georgia,” says Cathy Williams, President and CEO of NeighborWorks ® Columbus. NeighborWorks® Columbus’ vision and deep commitment remains to improve the quality of life through the elimination of substandard housing and the revitalization of target neighborhoods. For more information about NeighborWorks® Columbus and its services, visit nwcolumbus.org or call 706-324-HOME (4663).

About House of Heroes, Inc.

House of Heroes recognizes honors and serves military and public safety veterans and their spouses for faithful and sacrificial service to our country.  The House of Heroes volunteers assist our military veterans and public safety and/or their spouses by making repairs, improvements and maintenance to their homes at no charge to them.

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