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Back to School: Children of Homeowners Show Higher Academic Results

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by Holli Melancon

Thursday morning, students across Muscogee County will head back to school for the new year.

Some will carpool, others may ride the bus or walk; some will bring lunches and others will get them from the school cafeteria; some will be eager and excited and others will mourn the loss of summer for a while.

All sorts of factors will impact these students and their success this year: family life, neighborhoods, teachers, student willingness and even, perhaps, some of the things above. One of the factors that may influence a student’s success, according to studies done over the years, is homeownership.

While there are obviously many variables to academic achievement, homeownership continues to show positive impacts on student success and behavior.

The study, conducted by the Research Institute for Housing America, shows several ways that, on average, homeownership benefits children.

One of the greatest findings was the children of homeowners are 2.6 percent less likely to drop out of high school. The study also found that daughters of homeowners were 5 percent less likely to become pregnant before age 17.

This is not to say that only children of homeowners will succeed or to make anyone who isn’t a homeowner feel guilty. (Of course, if you aren’t a homeowner yet, there are several ways NeighborWorks Columbus can help you obtain a home: financial fitness, down payment assistance, credit counseling and lending assistance).

There are a few reasons for these results, though.

First, homeowners are more likely to invest in the quality of their living space. Since they actually purchase their homes, people who buy instead of rent will often be willing to keep their homes maintained and safe. They also might spend more time cleaning, painting, decorating or just improving the quality of their home.

While renters clearly can do these things, too, the likelihood of investing in a space that isn’t theirs is just not as high. Landlords are responsible for repairs and maintenance, and many will take the time to make sure their renters’ homes are up to par, but others may just get by with minimum work. Homeowners are more likely to do even the miniscule things to keep their homes the most quality they can be, and this resonates with children, even if on a subconscious level.

Another big reason is stability. People who invest in a home are more likely to stay in that environment for a long time, and this is important in child development. Though people can rent the same home for a long time, there is still an element that is less guaranteed than home ownership.

No matter your home situation, though, I wish you and your children the very best school year yet!

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