Overview of the Columbus Cottage Campaign

Columbus Cottage Program

The Columbus Cottage Program began in 2008 as an outreach program to deserving elderly in our community whose living conditions put them at risk and they do not have the ability to provide the necessary improvements or repairs on their own. 

The Columbus Cottage Program is designed:

  • to assist 6-10 elderly, impoverished residents in danger of becoming homeless.

  • to help those that have no other assistance available to them. 

  • to build the homes on the recipients own land, keeping them in their own neighborhoods with cherished family memories and friends.

  • to provide a home to the recipient at no cost.

These homes are built so that the recipient can live out the rest of their lives with dignity and a quality of life that they could not have achieved on their own. The new cottage is set up as a life estate for these elderly seniors. After the death of the recipient, the cottage returns to the CCC program and will then be used for other elderly, low-income individuals, persons with special needs or homeless housing. The circle of life – and hope – continues.

The Columbus Cottage Program is an example of giving back within our community to those that are most deserving and most in need. One cottage can continue to give back within the community for generations.

This program is only one outreach of NeighborWorks® Columbus.

NeighborWorks® Columbus also helps individuals achieve the American Dream.

NeighborWorks® Columbus, founded in 1997, is a strong advocate of the idea that the quality of life in a community begins with fit and affordable housing as its foundation. NeighborWorks® Columbus is on the cutting edge of innovations in financing, rehabilitation, land use and pre and post purchase counseling. One of the most important aspects of our work is home purchase education that produces mortgage-ready homebuyers and lifelong homeowners. These homeowners help create a more solid and stable community for all of us.

The Columbus Cottage Campaign was NeighborWorks® Columbus first annual campaign, but it has become an event that is most loved and supported by the community.

Philanthropic support, as well as state and federal grants for NeighborWorks® Columbus have enabled us to help hundreds of individuals and families achieve the American dream of home ownership. Now, we have to do more. NeighborWorks® Columbus is asking our friends and neighbors to join us in our fifth Columbus Cottage annual giving. The focus is to help one of our community's most beloved resources - senior citizens who have worked hard all their lives and can no longer afford to maintain their homes. We extend a hand to provide for the elderly in a huge way.

100% early commitment and support from key supporters.

The NeighborWorks® staff, Board of Directors and President's Council pledge 100% in this campaign. All of these individuals are stepping up to help our seniors. We believe in leading by example.  We invite you to join us as we seek to reach our goal this year and provide the best Columbus Cottage ever!